What is WAM!NETŪ Content StudioSM?

The Content Studio Service provides customers with the ability to store assets (digital data files) in an online, offsite storage archive and provide access to this archive for one or more workflow partners.

The service provides the following capabilities:
- Store assets over the SAVVIS Content Exchange or the Internet to the   Content Studio Service
- Replicate assets to geographically separate redundant Storage Centers
- Search various metadata and display results
- Ship or retrieve assets
- Modify metadata
- Delete assets
- Transaction tracking and reporting

The service provides great value for companies with the following needs:
- Disaster Protection for data assets
- Meet contractual requirements by storing assets offsite
- Offload processing systems by storing assets in an offsite archive
- Shared access to any stored asset

Assets are stored in Libraries where administrators and users have access. Libraries are initially created by SAVVIS Customer Service representatives. To add new libraries the customer must contact support.wamnet.com.

The Content Studio Service is accessed through a URL accessible by proxy through the Purple Box or the Internet. A valid login ID and password are required to gain access to the Content Studio Service. Network security is integrated throughout the Content Studio solution during uploading and shipping files. Files may be shipped via the SAVVIS Content Exchange as long as the appropriate trading relationships have been configured.